Will McClain


I am a doctoral candidate in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. I am an applied microeconomist using the flexible toolkit of applied econometrics and economic modeling to analyze organization and incentives in a diverse range of policy environments. My dissertation studies the strategic behavior of criminal prosecutors in judge assignment, agricultural policy incentivizing new farmer entry and participation in environmental conservation programs, and the objectives of private for-profits and not-for-profits in the provision of complementary social services, particularly prisoner re-entry and substance abuse treatment.

I chose to work in these seemingly disparate policy areas to demonstrate the power and flexibility of a background in applied microeconomics. Careful attention to institutional details, deep interpretation of legal and policy frameworks, and the rigorous application of econometrics for program evaluation are requirements that cross the barriers of policy domains. My dissertation demonstrates that the toolkit of the applied microeconomist is broad and flexible, without losing its rigor when applied to different topics.

In addition to my research, I am passionate about teaching and communicating economics. I am on the job market and excited to bring my skillset in applied econometrics for policy analysis and economics teaching to my next job.